#GROWTH is a mixer exclusively for digital entrepreneurs, product owners, and growth marketers. 

In this edition, we will discuss practical applications of user segmentation and automation in delivering a personalised mobile experience to your users. Join us for an evening of good food, drinks and networking as senior practitioners at digital first companies, and our experts on mobile marketing share their insights. 

Soho House, Berlin

10 Oct 2019,  7 PM onwards

Industry Insights

Fabulous Networking

Thought Leadership

Practical Applications of User Segmentation & Automation

You know so much about your customers’ habits and preferences. How do you use this information to deliver tailored mobile experience to your users? And, how can you do so on an auto-pilot mode? At the upcoming #GROWTH Mixer, there will be takeaways about customer segmentation and automation that you can immediately apply in your mobile marketing strategies and deliver truly personalised mobile experience.

We'd like to offer an exclusive experience and encourage meaningful interaction among the participants - which is why we've limited this event to 30 attendees.

Our Speakers

Tobias Lüder
CRM Manager 

Delivery Hero

Natalie Fitch
CRM Manager-Retention & Engagement


Christian Eckhardt
CEO & Co-founder


Ada Dubrawska
Associate Product Manager


Jon Genovard
CRM Manager 



#GROWTH is an exclusive user engagement and digital growth community powered by MoEngage, with a presence in more than 30 countries. Currently, #GROWTH includes over 500+ entrepreneurs, product owners and growth marketers from 100+ digital and mobile first brands across the globe. 

Highlights from #GROWTH Mixer, San Francisco, June 2019

10 Oct 2019,  7 PM Onwards

Soho House, Berlin